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For years, mortgage lenders and consumers, as well as other real estate professionals, have relied on Dedicated Appraisal Services, Inc to provide high-quality value estimates on all sorts of real estate in Tarrant County. By continuously analyzing local real estate trends in Tarrant County and staying current on valuation techniques through accredited courses, we've been consistently able to deliver reliable home valuations for people just like you.

Technology plays a key part in how Dedicated Appraisal Services, Inc does business. It helps keep costs down while maintaining superb quality and service levels.   Of course, it's been our experience that no matter where you go, service is the top reason a client comes, goes, stays or gives your number to their friends.   We keep this in mind whether you're talking to us on the phone, in e-mail or talking in person.   It all adds up to simply a superior experience for our customers.   Let us prove the difference. Call today.